Fences provide security and add to the beauty of your property. But what if something doesn’t seem right with the fence? Should you try fixing it, or replace it altogether?

Well, that depends on the kind of damage that has occurred to the fence. Let us walk you through some situations where a fence repair is sufficient, and some in which it’s advisable to opt for a fence replacement.

When Fence Repair Is All That You Need

Wooden and metal fences face the vagaries of nature round the year. Although the average life of a wooden fence is fifteen years, and that of a metal fence is twenty years, it is common for fences to show the signs of aging. Some of these damages are minor, and you can fix them with fence repair provided you do it early-

  • If your wooden fence shows splinter, small warps, minor cracks, small holes, etc. you can fix it with some putty and a fresh coat of paint. The same solution works for a discolored fence.
  • If one or a few posts of a wooden fence look unstable, check if they are rotting below the soil surface or the hole has eroded. You must replace the rotten posts because storms are common in Austin, and you don’t want flying posts to hit you or break your window during a nasty storm.
  • When a few chain links are damaged, you just need to replace the damaged links. A repair can also fix your chain link fence when the top rail gets dented, or the posts show corrosion.
  • Be quick to fix those loose posts in a metal fence, if you don’t want the entire fence to sag down.

When Fence Replacement Is A Better Idea

However, sometimes fence replacement would give you more value for money, along with a brand new fence-

  • If your fence is older than twenty years, it’s time to go for a complete replacement.
  • It’s common for the protective paint to come off the metal fence, and the fence starts corroding. If more than half of the fence has corroded, you must plan for fence replacement.
  • Nails and fasteners keep your wooden fence together, while a metal fence is held together with rivets and studs. If a few nails or rivets go missing, replacing them is feasible. But if too many of them are gone, a fence replacement is your better alternative.
  • Likewise, when you feel the repair or maintenance cost is going too high, compare it with the cost of a full replacement. You might realize that the repair is rather costly, and a replacement will give you more value for money.

Depending on the age of your fence, and the extent of damage, you can decide which option suits you better. Whether you want a fence repair or replacement, we would strongly suggest you hire the services of an experienced professional in order to get the best results.

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