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Vertical Wood Fence Provides Privacy

One of the most traditional forms of fencing is the vertical wood fence. The most classic is the “white picket fence” held as the dream of many homeowners. Austin’s Fence Company agrees that this fencing is traditional, but we know from installing many wood fences that this option does not have to be boring. Your property can add a modern look with a quality vertical wood fence from the best local fence builder – Austin’s Fence Company.

Our team of professionals can repair, replace or install a vertical wood fence that complements the architecture and landscaping design of any business or home. Design, staining and painting add to the stylish options for a vertical wood fence. This attractive fencing can also be built by Austin’s Fence Company to maximize privacy and security.

Affordable Fencing That Lasts For Years

Other fence designs may claim to be the talk of the town, but vertical fencing continues to hold up as a tried-and-true and stylish option. Top of the line vertical wood fencing from Austin’s Fence Company delivers premium fencing that is sturdy, durable and affordable. Even though we provide high-quality fencing, we also deliver competitive pricing that rivals any competition.

Every business owner and homeowner we work with throughout Austin TX and Central Texas is seeking a cost-effective option for fencing. Our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge of fencing to help you make the best choices to match your design goals and maintain your budget. Choosing the best fence can provide years of happiness while adding value to your property.

A wood fence also provides an environmentally friendly option because it requires limited maintenance. Current preservatives against rot and insects lean toward environmentally sensitive. With proper maintenance, a wood fence can last 10 to 15 years or more. The initial cost is a worthwhile investment considering the length of life for the fence.

Quality Fence Materials For Property

Austin’s Fence Company knows the best material for wood fencing is a priority to all our clients. Selecting top-quality fencing that stays within budget while delivering years of durable use is a positive impact for the value of your property. Quality fencing also ensures the best performance in security and privacy for the life of the fence.

The experts at Austin’s Fence Company can build an exceptional fence for you from excellent wood fence materials such as cedar, redwood and spruce. There are also recycled composites available, even some manufactured fencing with wood appearance. The key is finding the right combination of material and design to meet your functional needs.

Wood fencing can also be combined with metal, rock or brick for posts or other enhancements to produce a unique design. When you work with our team, we can build a fence that adds an upscale feel to your property. A useful fence is even better when it looks good.

Top-Quality Fence Contractor – Austin

Austin’s Fence Company is the best local fence company to help you determine the most useful and affordable fence for your property. Trying to decide on all options for wood fencing can give you a headache worse than pursuing a college degree.

Let our professional fence installers walk with you as you review your property needs and decide among the many options for wood, maintenance requirements, cost, installation concerns and a timely schedule for completion. We may not have an official degree in fencing, but we have the knowledge and experience from years of hard work in the field to help you decide your best options.

Our customers have busy lives and all of them know they need fence repair or new fence installation. Our customers know we deliver dependable fence service that includes craftsmanship unmatched in the marketplace. We are proud to deliver this level of service and we look forward to you giving us a call at Austin’s Fence Company – (512) 354-7670.

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