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Horizontal Wood Fencing In High Demand

Horizontal wood fence designs offer a blend of classic functionality and modern style that enhance the curb appeal of your property. Austin’s Fence Company understands it may seem a simple twist from vertical fences, but horizontal wood fences are the custom-look design in high demand today.

Vertical wood fence designs have long held the top spot as the choice for most property owners in the market. Horizontal wood fencing has moved into that desired tier. Homeowners especially are realizing the advantages of building a plank fence that is attractive, long-lasting and sets the standard for stylistic fencing.

Horizontal Designs Add Style, Value

Horizontal wood fence designs are versatile and allow property owners to take stylish risks while building a sturdy fence that does its job for years. Austin’s Fence Company has noticed that times change, and fence designs follow suit. Every horizontal design can produce its own subtle uniqueness to complement property landscape and design while delivering privacy and security expected from a fence.

Boards in a horizontal fence can be installed close together – even with no spacing – to increase privacy and security. This is an advantage and added feature to outdoor areas such as pools, lounge areas or the entirety of a backyard.

An unexpected advantage in horizontal fencing is that the simple and linear designs can make a property or yard appear longer and bigger. Smaller yards, a garden walkway or a deck area can appear longer or wider to emphasize the availability of space.

Along with the appearance of more space, Austin’s Fence Company recommends a horizontal fence because it can be accented with various types of boards, any combination of posts and enhancements such as lattice added to the top of the fence to extend privacy elements. Today’s modern horizontal fences can be shaped and blended to enhance nearby architecture such as a business office or home. Combinations of materials such as wood and stone are only confined by your imagination.

Affordable Wood Fencing Option

Aside from style options and unlimited customization, cost of a horizontal wood fence ranges in the affordable category for most property owners. Austin’s Fence Company has the professional team of fence installers to handle all stages of work from design to planning to building your new fence. Compared to other materials, wood fencing stands out as an affordable fencing solution. Wrought iron, aluminum or vinyl fences have their advantages, but wood fencing is more cost-effective.

Maintenance of wood fencing is also surprisingly affordable. Many wood fence products require only water, wood cleaner and a simple scrubbing brush for maintenance. Austin’s Fence Company does recommend proper staining and our team can help with that treatment as needed. Property owners who properly care for wood fences can expect to enjoy them for 10 to 15 years or more.

A special aspect about wood fencing is that it can be stained or painted at any time to change the appearance. Property owners who want a change of scenery in their property can easily apply any number of stain or paint options. Austin’s Fence Company recommends staining a wood fence at first installation to guard against color fading, increase UV protection and lessen chances for rot with the added water-resistance finish. This helps reduce repairs to a wood fence in the long run.

Best Wood Fence Installation – Austin TX

Once you decide a horizontal fence is the next valuable addition to your property, Austin’s Fence Company can install this privacy and security upgrade with minimal disruption to business operations or home environment. Many property owners try to install fences with a “do it yourself” plan, but we know our team of professional, highly skilled installers with years of experience is the way to go. Our fence builders will complete your new fence and back all work with an unmatched level of quality and service.

The horizontal fence design is the “picket fence” of modern landscaping architecture. Let Austin’s Fence Company design and build the horizontal fence that places the final touch on the curb appeal, privacy and security of your property. Call us today at (512) 354-7670.

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