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When it comes to installing a fence around the house, the wooden fence is the most popular choice of Americans for decades. Despite advancements in technology and the availability of more materials, many homeowners opt for wood.

Do you have your heart set on installing a wooden fence, but you wonder if it’s a practical idea or not? Let’s dive deeper and understand the benefits that you would enjoy if you choose a wooden fence

Easy Installation

Wooden fences are easy to install, which makes them popular among people who like the do-it-yourself approach. Of course, you can hire a professional fence installation service for a better finish. Even then, the process won’t create any disruption, and of course, you get great results.


A wooden fence is quite versatile. You can customize the height, or choose between different styles. You can paint or stain it to get the color you want. Or you can treat the wood and let it age naturally. You can also make it a bit decorative, say add a layer to the fence top. You can have matching accessories along with the fence, like wooden flower boxes. The options are many if you plan to install a wooden fence!


Wood or vinyl is the choice of material if you are aiming for privacy. One can easily see through a chain-link fence or wrought iron fence. So if your neighbors bother you, or you like to sunbathe in your backyard, opt for a tall wooden fence. If the fence is tall, it also deters miscreants from climbing in.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementDurability

Wooden fences can be quite durable, depending on how well the owners treat them. If you understand and follow some easy maintenance tips, your wooden fence will stay charming and strong for at least twenty years.

Wood comes in many grades, so we suggest you go for a good quality one. Also, choose pressure-treated wood as it is resistant to wear and tear.


Wood fence is more affordable as compared to a wrought iron, aluminium, or vinyl. And if you take proper care of it, you won’t have to shell a lot of money on repair or early replacement. Of course, there are luxurious alternatives like redwood. But that’s a personal choice, not a compulsion.

Environment Friendly

Wood is the sole eco-friendly material for fence installation. Your chain link or vinyl fence would become harmful waste once they are out of use. Whereas wood is a natural substance, so once its past its prime and you decide to replace the fence, the wood will decompose and become a part of the nature. You can also treat the wood with eco-friendly preservatives to save it from termites and other elements of nature.

Given its visual appeal, ease of installation, and affordability, wood is still a popular fencing material. We would strongly advise you to get in touch with a fence installation company for installing a wooden fence, as you would benefit from high-quality raw material, the craftsmanship of experienced technicians, and options for customization.

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