Fences come in varying types, and one of the most common types you’ll encounter is the wooden fence. This Old House mentions that wood sees use as a primary material in fencing construction going back to over four hundred years. Wooden privacy fences can be a great addition to a house, especially in a neighborhood full of nosy people. They also ensure that your pets remain inside your property at all times. Homeowners looking at erecting a privacy fence usually want a substantial barrier to separate their property from others. Even so, there are a few things that a homeowner should know about these wooden fences.

Why Choose Wood?

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As a construction material, wood might seem like an old-fashioned choice, but nothing could be further from the truth. Modern advances in the treatment of wood have made it a durable and affordable building material. Wood gives a privacy fence that earthy aesthetic that some homeowners prefer. HGTV notes that the posts for wooden fences should be pressure treated to ensure they can stand up to moisture and bugs, but that the pickets don’t need to go through the same process. Wooden privacy fences are also easier to maintain through the application of sealant or paint on the boards. If repairs need to be done, they are relatively inexpensive because of the wide availability of the material.

The Benefits of a Wooden Privacy Fence

Privacy fences can give you peace of mind like no other type of fence can. By ensuring that the property is blocked from anyone’s vision, you can rest assured that what goes on in your yard won’t be observed by the neighbors. These privacy fences usually stand up to six feet off the ground, ensuring that no one can peek over them either. We already know that your own pets can’t get out of your property because of a privacy fence. They also work in the opposite direction, ensuring wild animals can’t enter your property. On the downside, privacy fences can be hard to maneuver around. Since they only have a single gate for entry, bringing large objects into the hard may be a chore. Some installation companies offer the option of a removable portion of fencing to deal with this drawback.

Customized Fencing is The New Trend

Wooden fencing has always been the most customizable of materials. It’s no different when it comes to privacy fencing. Wood posts can be carved into ornate designs to add to the aesthetic, and fence slats can be painted to fit your own style. Many homeowners underestimate how customizable wooden privacy fences are. If you’re looking to install a wooden privacy fence, you might feel that you can do it yourself. At Austin’s Fence Company, we strongly advise against it. Your barrier is likely to last longer with professional installation and maintenance. Please don’t give in to the hassle of making it a DIY project. Call us today, and let’s turn that fence into a professional work of art that complements your property.

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