A good fence is essential to an attractive and safe home. For years, Austin’s Fence Company has been helping the people around Austin TX in getting the fence they need. And if you are planning to build one, we are here to help you know the basics.

Understand Your Needs

Why do you need a fence? A fence can serve many basic needs. For instance, it can take care of your privacy and security, act as a decoration item, and stop the wind, tone down the noise coming from outside, provide support for your garden, or perhaps act as a barrier separating two properties.

  • Security concerns

You might be feeling unsafe in your neighborhood. You might want to rest at your lawn without worrying about peeping toms. While wooden fences can give you the privacy you need, if you need more security, our experts suggest metal fences such as wrought iron fences can be a better choice.

  • Create a safe space

You might want your dog to have the space to run around but not out of the house. A fence can be designed to suit your requirement. Chain link fences will stop your dog from running out, provide you security, or even just serve as decoration.

  • Commercial or residential purpose

Commercial fences come with added security, functioning automatic gates, and are usually of a larger scale, which goes up to 12 ft. and more. However, residential fencing is usually within 4-6 ft. Know why you need it before what you need.

Understand The Material

Different fences come in different materials.

  • Wooden fences

These fences add a classy, elegant look to your home, and need the occasional staining and sealing. They might also need protection from termites. If you do not maintain your wooden fence, many factors can cause it to disrupt and damage. Wooden fences come in many varieties that will provide you different stability and durability.

  • Vinyl

If you think wooden fences are more of a hassle, go for vinyl fences. They look similar to wood and come without the maintenance issues. And the best part is, vinyl fences are paint-resistant. So, you can easily get rid of any unnecessary graffiti or stains on them.

  • Metal fences:

These are best for protective purposes but can be somewhat vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Iron fences can be galvanized to protect them from rust. Galvanization gives metal fences a larger life span, while also cutting down the necessary maintenance. Wrought iron fences can be gorgeous; they also do need frequent maintenance.

Understand The Space

Building a fence can be expensive, so consider the area you need to protect. It’s essential working with a good consultant because if you build it even a few centimeters into your neighbor’s land, they might make you bring it all down. Know where your property line is.

You can hire a surveyor or request for your plot plan from your town hall for help. Once you are only very sure about the perimeter of your house, build your fence. Avoid unnecessary hassle and expenditure. Just to be safe, maybe build the fence a few inches into your perimeter.

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