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Wood fences have secured and adorned American homes for many decades. Apart from the visible advantages, wood fences have a few disadvantages that you must know about before you make a final decision regarding fence installation.

Pros of a Wood Fence

Privacy– Wood is an ideal material for a privacy fence. Vinyl is an alternative, but it costs more than wood. Other kinds of fences like a chain-link fence or an aluminum fence will expose your home to prying eyes.

Aesthetics– Wood has a classic appeal. You can also paint or stain it to get the desired finish or color. 

Versatility– You can customize wood to suit your needs. You can get a lattice on the top or install the boards horizontally or vertically. You may go for different designs for the front and the back of your house. Have a prior discussion with your wood fence contractor to get the desired fence height and width of posts.

Sustainability– Wood is the only biodegradable fencing material available. If you are an environmentally conscious individual, a wooden fence would be a great sustainable choice for your abode. But you should choose a wood supplier who adheres to sustainable sourcing practices.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementCons of a Wood fence

Vulnerability- Wood is an organic material, hence your wooden fence could become an easy target for insects, fungus, etc. Wood is also vulnerable to water damage, so you have to keep your plants a little distance away and see that water from sprinklers do not wet the wood.

Durability- Wood fence is for owners who like to tend to their properties. If you are someone who will not take a second glance at the fence once it is installed the wood fence will have a short life. Wood is a natural material vulnerable to decay and rot. It might crack or split under excess heat. If you overlook these problems in their initial stage, your fence is not going to be durable.

Maintenance- As we discussed above, you must pay attention to the health of your wooden fence. If you fix rot or cracks in the initial stages, you guarantee a long life for your fence. But if you ignore these small things, you will end up spending a lot on major repairs or replacement.

Installation- While many folks like to execute home renovation projects by themselves, they often lack the experience and expertise to properly install a wood fence. And if you don’t properly install it, the fence might tilt towards the ground, or a few posts may sag in either direction. You can easily avoid this situation by taking professional help for the purpose.

While the advantages of a wood fence may tempt you to choose it over other materials, you must understand the downsides and assess if you are ready to manage them with proper maintenance and care. If you have your heart set on a wood fence, we advise you to hire a professional fence installation service to minimize the cons and get the best results. 

It’s better to know about both sides of the coin so that you don’t regret your decisions later. We also suggest you to hire the services of a reputed fence contractor to get high-quality results without wasting time and money.

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