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You have made the final decision of a wooden fence installation around your property. But you are perplexed about the finer details. Should you paint the wooden fence or apply stain over it?

Paint and stain have similar composition- they consist of pigments and a vehicle. And both come in oil and acrylic varieties. Painting and staining both add color to the wood and save it from decay. But the two processes are different from each other. Based on these differences, you can assess what’s the better choice for you.


Paint is a commonly available material, and it is utilised in different household projects. You can paint your fence, walls, doors, etc. to a color of your liking. You can go for the classic white or unconventional royal blue- it’s all about what you want!

Unlike stain, paint remains on the outer surface of the object. This means that one coat is usually sufficient for wooden surfaces. Paint comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. The more pigments it has, the more saturated appearance it gives. Paint can have a glossy, matte, or satin finish.

You must prime the wood surface before painting it. Between paint and stain, paint is the costlier option.


If you ever open a can of stain, you will instantly note that it is a lot thinner than paint. The thin consistency makes it easy to apply; there won’t be any pooling of the liquid on the surface, just a swoop of brush or roller brings finesse to the wood. It has fewer pigments and it will show the wood surface it is painted over, creating a more natural look.

Stain costs less but comes in limited colors. And it only gives a matte finish, though you can use varnish to make it glossy. Its use is restricted to wooden surfaces; you cannot use stain on concrete or metal. You need not prime the surface before using stain. Just apply it directly on the wooden surface. The stain would seep into the wooden surface, resulting in beautiful patterns and textures.

You can control the color by using less or more amount of stain. Stain won’t peel off like paint. But if the wood is highly absorbent, you will have to apply more coats of stain.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementPaint Vs Stain

Let’s compare paint and stand on the basis of different factors-

Variety– Paint wins hands down here. The sheer amount of variety in paint can’t be found in stain.

Budget– If we compare per gallon, the price of stain would be definitely less than that of paint. The price of paint will vary according to your choice.

Ease of application– Stain is easier to apply. Painting a surface needs a steady hand and more patience.

Maintenance– Paint is easier to maintain as it resists dirt and dust, whereas a stained surface easily gathers dust.

Based on these factors, you can decide what is good for you- painting or staining. Of course, you can always hire the services of an experienced company for painting or staining to save time and get high-quality results.

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