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Ornamental Iron Fences

Property owners seeking security at an affordable cost can rely on Austin’s Fence Company to build an exceptional chain link fence to fit their needs. Chain link is one of the most popular materials used in fencing for a variety of purposes. When you need to define the boundaries of your property whether it is commercial or residential, chain link can provide the solution you need.

Chain link fencing is flexible and can be adapted to almost any terrain, landscaping design or security purpose. Austin’s Fence Company can install or repair chain link fence to meet your needs. Our team of professional contractors will work with you to determine your specific needs, design the project, plan for all work and build your fence. When you need the best chain link installation, Austin’s Fence Company is the local chain link installation company to call.

Durable, Reliable Fencing And Service

Design choices for chain link fencing may appear limited, but this fencing material is actually quite versatile. Chain link is metal weaved into a diamond shape most commonly seen in residential fencing or protective use such as a baseball batting cage. This fence style is also used in varying designs for animal cages, such as wire for a chicken coop, or more square designs used in farm and ranch fencing.

For security purposes, how chain link is used depends on the specific security need. Residential chain link fences are usually a thinner gauge of metal used to surround a yard to corral pets or protect children at play. Residential fences are generally only 4- to 6-feet in height. Commercial uses could include a much thicker, stronger gauge of chain link that would be used to protect industrial property or enclose a prison area. These fences can extend to heights of 12 feet or more.

This fencing is mostly installed as galvanized chain link to add durability against rust and corrosion. This allows for an expected life span of 10 to 15 years with limited maintenance necessary. Large perimeter fencing uses for property boundaries or security may use a less expensive form of the fencing without the galvanized component.

When you call Austin’s Fence Company about chain link fencing, we’ll help you determine the best use of this material for your unique purpose.

Versatile Fencing For Business, Home

Chain link can be more than a boring metal fence occupying space for security purposes. This fencing can be “dressed up” for a more inviting look and feel for businesses and homeowners. Simple additions to chain link can add a decorative feel and more privacy.

Adding a vinyl coating to chain link adds protection, both to the material and anyone contacting the fence. Coating can also add a decorative aspect because it can be applied in a selection of colors. Austin’s Fence Company can help enhance residential or commercial landscaping and design.

For added decorative upgrades, wood, metal or vinyl slats can be inserted into the chain link. This addition gives the fencing the feel of wood and can add beautifying colors to the overall look of your property. Because the slats cover most of the open space in chain link fencing this addition can add an extra degree of privacy. This works well for residential uses or commercial properties such as surrounding a swimming pool.

Best Chain Link Installation In Austin TX

Chain link fence materials are readily available and designing most projects with this material is a straightforward process. Austin’s Fence Company has the team in place to help you select your material, design the project and build your fence in a scheduled time. We work with customers to maintain a set budget and complete all work to meet your expectations. Austin’s Fence Company places great pride in customer service and support. Give us a call today at (512) 354-7670 to get started.

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