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A beautiful wooden fence separates your property from the surroundings, and also works as an elegant architectural element. However, if you install your wooden fence and forget all about it, it will get damaged pretty fast.

Despite the susceptibility to damage, proper care and maintenance can actually increase the lifespan of the wood by many years. So let’s understand some maintenance tips that will help you protect your wooden fence.

This post is for people who are going to install a wooden fence, or their wooden fence is in good condition. If your fence is already damaged, then these tips won’t work for you.

Invest in High Quality Fence Material

High-quality raw material lasts longer and faces less damage. If you are installing a wooden fence, talk to your supplier to ensure that you get good quality wood for the fence. Cedar and redwood are resistant to decay and rot. And hire a reputed contractor who uses pressure-treated wood for the fencing. Pressure-treated wood is treated with chemicals that keep it safe from rot, insects, and water damage.

Also, the components joining the wood posts together should be of galvanized iron or steel to resist wear and tear.

Seal the Fence

If your wood is not pressure treated, apply a sealant coating to protect the wood from water damage. You can also mix sealant and stain in order to get a colored protective coating. It’s advisable to take professional help for a hassle-free job and better finish.

Don’t Put Fence Posts Into The Soil

You should not put the fence posts directly into the soil, as soil holds moisture which gets absorbed by the wood. This makes it vulnerable to decay. Always fill the holes with concrete before mounting the posts.

Keep The Plants Away

It’s not a good idea to grow plants near the fence, as they expose your wood to moisture. They should be a little distance away from the fence. If grasses or small shrubs growing near the fence, keep them trim to avoid any trouble. The other alternative is to install a plastic tarp over plants growing near a fence.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementKeep the Water Sprinklers Away

Water sprinklers, if placed too close to a wooden fence, would wet your wood. Moisture decays wood, and also invites rot-causing fungus. So make sure that the water from the sprinklers doesn’t reach the wooden fence.

Fix Issues Quickly

If your fence shows any minor damage, don’t put off the repair. Fixing the damage could contain its spread. Fill small cracks with glue and monitor to check if it causes any further problems. Regularly check your fence for rot or decay; if contained early you could save your fence from major damage.

Also, keep an eye on loose posts or sagging posts, and straighten them before the fall off. Ensure that the fasteners that hold the post together are not missing.

Your wooden post can last for twenty years provided you take proper care of it. Don’t hesitate in calling home a repair professional if you see any signs of damage-an early intervention is the best solution for most problems.

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