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Repair, Replace Wood Frame Gates

Many commercial and residential property owners have wooden fences with gates needing repair or replacement. While these fences are popular and durable, gates get used most in any fence and they need proper installation or maintenance. Austin’s Fence Company is the preferred contractor for repair and installation of wood frame gates in Austin TX.

Our team of fence professionals has the experience to determine any issues with a wood gate and handle repairs or replacement if necessary. Knowledge and expertise are top considerations when deciding on the best fence company to help with your gate. Our years helping customers in the Central Texas area place us at the top of the field in quality work and customer service.

Austin’s Fence Company takes pride in all work delivered and has the history of quality fencing projects to support helping you with a wood gate.

Gate Problems Solved – Austin’s Fence Company

Almost everyone we talk to has experienced a creaky or lop-sided gate that doesn’t always close properly. Wood – as much as we love it for fencing – can easily become a point of frustration when a gate doesn’t open properly, will not close all the way or it drags along the ground when moved. Just one fun swing from a child on a gate and you’ve got problems.

Problems with gates are often caused by common problems such as poor construction, old wood, changes in the ground or the above-mentioned free-spirited shenanigans. Austin’s Fence Company fencing experts can determine the problem and recommend a solution to get your gate working again properly.

Gates that have become a problem can be turned into a working piece of your fencing and a project you can be proud to say was built by Austin’s Fence Company.

Top-Quality Wood Gate Materials

Material used to build your wood frame gate is a top priority for Austin’s Fence Company. There are a variety of woods available for use, all with different advantages that could benefit your project. Environment – such as soil, climate, sun/shade – and use – decorative, security, privacy – will all impact your decision on the materials for your wooden gate.

Ease of use is always at the top of the list for a repaired or new gate. Austin’s Fence Company can design an attractive gate as you like, and our team can install your gate in a timely fashion. We apply only the best construction methods and use the best materials available to make sure your gate is well-built so that it lasts.

Best Wood Gate Contractor – Austin TX

Gates can be more than an entry or exit to your residential yard or business property. A top-quality gate built with your style in mind to match nearby architecture and landscaping can actually make a statement. Wood gates can prove to be functional and look good. Austin’s Fence Company can guide you through the process of choosing a gate that gets the job done while adding style and curb appeal to your property.

No one wants to encounter an annoying gate. When you work with our team to build a wooden gate for your needs, you’ll be pleased with the result. Austin’s Fence Company wants your new wooden gate to work well and keep working well for many years. Wood fencing can last 10 to 15 years or more with proper maintenance and the same can be said for a matching gate.

Austin’s Fence Company can help you with your wood gate or other fencing project. Give our team a call at (512) 354-7670 for a free estimate. We’ll get started on your gate project.

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