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Quality Residential Gates Built To Last

Are you searching for an exceptional gate for your home? A new residential gate from Austin’s Fence Company for your yard or entryway is a beautiful addition to your fence that adds street-level appeal to your property. Austin’s Fence Company installs new gates for a variety of residential fencing options. Regardless of the fencing material, our experienced team of fence professionals can install a gate to transform your fence.

Austin’s Fence Company installs gates that provide privacy and security for your unique needs. Every property is different from landscape to location and every client has different goals with their fencing. We work with our customers to meet their desires and needs for a new gate.

We are locally-owned residential gate specialists who have served clients for years throughout Austin TX and the Central Texas area. We enjoy helping clients get the best gate solution for their property and we offer free estimates.

Automatic Entrance Gates For Homes

No one enjoys getting out of a vehicle to open or close a gate in Texas weather – hot, cold or storming. The convenience of an automatic entrance gate from Austin’s Fence Company is ideal for your home. We can help you select an automatic gate that works for you.

Automatic systems can be powered through your electric system or solar panels. Each has advantages and can be applied to your entry gate to include keypads, remote controls and security measures. Austin’s Fence Company experts can provide the design, programming, repair or installation you require.

An automatic gate makes life simpler while adding a new level of distinction for your home. Entry gates can be built with pre-fabricated materials or with custom designs.

Beautiful Gates For Your Property

Residential gates are more than decorative pieces for your property. Entry gates are excellent for added security in keeping unwanted people out. Security experts know anyone wanting to trespass on your property will likely move past an entry gate because it not only impedes their access it can close off an escape path. Adding equipment such as a camera protects access and increases security.

Making sure family members stay protected inside property boundaries is important to clients of Austin’s Fence Company. Gates close off fence gaps to help keep pets and children safe inside the confines of your yard. It’s a reassuring feeling to know that a little one can’t go far if they get out of sight for a minute.

Austin’s Fence Company can help you select a residential gate to suit all your needs and expectations.

Walkway Gates Are Secure, Attractive

Walkway gates from Austin’s Fence Company are similar to doors inside your home. These gates deliver multiple uses by protecting property, separating areas of property and adding decorative accents. These gates can control access to a yard, swimming pool or outdoor patio. Sometimes its best to block these areas from children. These gates can be locked for added security and to protect privacy.

You may as well enjoy the design of a walkway gate sot it will add an attractive accent to your property. There’s nothing wrong with having the neighbors be a little jealous when they see your beautiful new walkway gate. The professionals at Austin’s Fence Company can help you design and build your perfect walkway gate to fit your budget and style.

Free Estimates, Best Fence Contractor – Austin TX

Austin’s Fence Company works hard to let your creative expression show in all walkway gates we design. Simple or ornate, we can get the job done. We offer free estimates from our friendly, experienced staff. Call us today at (512) 354-7670 to get started.

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