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It would be best if you had your fence checked every once and a while. It is essential to living in a region with winters, storms, or snow. If you want to ensure your fence is sturdy, you need to start caring for it immediately. When it’s time to have your fence checked for defects, you need exemplary service, and Austin Fence – Installation & Replacement company is here to help!

Fence Replacement Experts

Austin Fence Installation and Replacement are well equipped to provide quality fence replacement service for your Austin home or business. Whether it is a wood fence, metal, or other fencing materials, our company has all the tools to remove and install a new fence instead of the old one.

Fence Replacement Contractor in Austin

Our fence replacement contractor has served Central Texas and its surrounding areas for many years. We have been in business long enough to have gained a well-earned reputation for quality, honesty, reliability, and excellent customer service. In addition, our builders understand that fences are more than just showy additions to your home or business premises.

If you consider replacing your current fence, our experts can help with cost-effective solutions that meet your needs and budget. Our fence replacement company takes pride in our work. It is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring you always receive a prompt response and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

We provide various fence services to both Austin home and business clients. Some of our products include;

  • Bull panel fences
  • Chain Link fences
  • Iron fences
  • Wood fences
  • Ranch & Farm Fence
  • Fence gates and fence repairs
  • Cedar fence

Fence Replacement - When Is The Right Time?

Do you live within Austin, TX zip code or its neighbors? This region experiences a lot of rain, wind, and storms; you may have wondered about the sturdiness of your fence. If you ask yourself when is the right time to replace a fence, these tips should help you decide whether or not to move forward with replacing your existing fence.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementFalling Fence Posts

When deciding when it’s time for a brand new fence, you must check the number of fence posts in excellent form. For example, if you notice that the upright position is leaning toward the other posts, this could mean that a supporting fence post is dangerously close to falling over, which will soon displace the entire fence.

Another sign of a sinister, non-operational post will is if there is an elongated hole in the ground with no concrete holding it in place firmly. It could indicate that there has been damage to the post and it can no longer hold up or that the bolt is missing and needs replacement.

Age of the Fence

Most homeowners consider installing a new fence when their old wood shows signs of damage. If your Austin fence is over ten years old, it is probably time to replace it. At that age, there might be rotted or decaying at the very least.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementIncrease Security and Privacy

The right time to consider a new fence installation depends on the situation. For instance, A homeowner may want to add a fence to increase security and privacy in their backyard.

There are many advantages to having the extra security that fencing will provide. If you’re an individual who lives in the country, you can imagine how nice it would be to avoid strangers walking onto your property, even in broad daylight. Do you have valuable patio furniture or tools that need protection from potential thieves? Installing a fence offers the additional privacy that you crave.

Do you need a local fence replacement company that is bonded and licensed to handle your fencing projects? There is simply no better choice than Austin fence repair and replacement. A fence company offers quality fence replacement at affordable prices.

Best Wood Gate Contractor – Austin TX

Gates can be more than an entry or exit to your residential yard or business property. A top-quality gate built with your style in mind to match nearby architecture and landscaping can actually make a statement. Wood gates can prove to be functional and look good. Austin’s Fence Company can guide you through the process of choosing a gate that gets the job done while adding style and curb appeal to your property.

No one wants to encounter an annoying gate. When you work with our team to build a wooden gate for your needs, you’ll be pleased with the result. Austin’s Fence Company wants your new wooden gate to work well and keep working well for many years. Wood fencing can last 10 to 15 years or more with proper maintenance and the same can be said for a matching gate.

Austin’s Fence Company can help you with your wood gate or other fencing project. Give our team a call at (512) 354-7670 for a free estimate. We’ll get started on your gate project.

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