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If you are looking for a residential and commercial fence contractor in Austin, TX, committed to quality, service, and affordability, look no further than Austin Fence Repair and Replacement. Our fence company provides quality and cost-effective fence installation, repair, and fence replacement services.

We provide a variety of fence services to both Austin home and business clients. Some of our fence products include;

  • Decorative cattle panel fences
  • Chain Link fences
  • Iron fences
  • Ranch & Farm Fence
  • Austin Stone fences
  • Austin wood fences

A fence contractor serving central texas

Austin Fence Repairs and Replacement is an installation and maintenance fence company serving the Central Texas community. We strive to protect your property and enhance the aesthetics of any neighborhood by providing durable, sturdy, yet beautiful fences built to last.

A broken, bent, or rusted gate can make the whole property look unkempt. But, on the other hand, if you have a business and the entrance is not functioning correctly, it might affect your company presentation. We can help you solve the dilemma of what’s wrong with your gate and how to fix it.

Our Austin fence company also offers an extensive line of gate services for residential and business property. You have to make sure you decide on a high-quality gate operator capable of withstanding rugged Austin conditions and working for many years to come. Some of our services include;

  • Gate Operator Installation
  • Service and fix gate openers that won’t open/close properly
  • We provide free gate alignment and programming when replacing any existing systems.
  • Troubleshoot and repair existing gate

We have been providing quality fencing services for many years. No matter what kind of fence you need fixing, we can fix it fast. The process is simple. Give our customer service a call, and we will make an appointment with you to assess your fence damage. Our builders will provide an estimate during an inspection, cost determined by the scope of work.

We were meeting Your Fence Repairs project requirements.

When a wood fence is not maintained correctly, it will deteriorate and fall apart with time. That is why replacing a wooden fence is necessary. You want to find a fence company that uses experienced carpenters and uses high-quality materials. Here are some signs that your fence needs replacing and repairing.

Dry rot or wet rot

Wet/dry rot prevention is challenging with a lot of moisture; if left untreated, it will affect the structural integrity of your fence. Often the pickets are rotten without evidence of dampness near them. The term wet rot refers to rot caused by water that can seep between the fence boards as moisture and potentially damage your fence. Dry rot is timber decay caused by fungal growth. You may have dry rot because you can see that sections of a fence post look like they have been eaten away by insects.

Termite damage

Termites are a part of nature, and we all need to live in harmony. However, when they begin to attack your wood fence, things get ugly. They can damage your home or business fencing in a matter of weeks. Termite control involves using termite repellant sprays or painting.

Popped or rusted nails or screws

Popped Nails and rusted nails are a common occurrence in your wood fence. Popped Nails need replacement as soon as possible. A popped nail filled with either wood filler or a nail plug made out of plastic. It also prevents the wood from cracking around the nail hole and extends the life of the fence.

Sagging or wobbly wood fence posts

A sagging wood fence post is caused by either soil settling, improper installation, rotting, or accidental knock. It’s one of the most common problems with fences as they age; it is crucial to identify whether the wood fence posts need to be repaired or replaced.

Fallen rails or panels

There is nothing worse than a fence rail or panel collapsing in your Austin, Tx fence project. But, whether a fence rail has fallen or a fence panel has popped, we can repair it. In addition, if you need new sections of fencing or gates for your home or business property, we can work with you to design your dream fence and then install it.

Best Wood Gate Contractor – Austin TX

Gates can be more than an entry or exit to your residential yard or business property. A top-quality gate built with your style in mind to match nearby architecture and landscaping can actually make a statement. Wood gates can prove to be functional and look good. Austin’s Fence Company can guide you through the process of choosing a gate that gets the job done while adding style and curb appeal to your property.

No one wants to encounter an annoying gate. When you work with our team to build a wooden gate for your needs, you’ll be pleased with the result. Austin’s Fence Company wants your new wooden gate to work well and keep working well for many years. Wood fencing can last 10 to 15 years or more with proper maintenance and the same can be said for a matching gate.

Austin’s Fence Company can help you with your wood gate or other fencing project. Give our team a call at 512-689-2367 for a free estimate. We’ll get started on your gate project.

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