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Austin Fence – Repair & Replacement is a company that prides itself on a great work ethic and we have amazing employees who are very skilled and professional. Our employees are also very hard working and always deliver excellent work which is why we are regarded as the best fencing company Hancock around Austin, Texas has in the area. We are a company that will make sure the fence you get is tailored to your specific needs and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final result.


We have a wide range of fence and gate building services. We can take jobs from commercial and residential customers. Our company also takes on big and small projects so you don’t need to hesitate to give us a call if you have a fencing project you want us to tackle.

Why Choose Us?

Austin Fence - Repair & Replacement

We at Hancock Fence Builders Austin, TX are very focused on providing our clients with the best possible service and satisfaction. We love building relationships with our clients that will last for a long time and we achieve that by being both affordable and reliable. Our company uses the most reliable accessible materials to build your fence and we have employees that are the best in the industry. We always prioritize our work and will not take on a new client before we finish the job you hired us to do for you. The finished product will be tailored to your specific needs and we guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the work we do.

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  • Hyde Park
  • Central Austin
  • Cherrywood
  • North University
  • Heritage
  • West Campus
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  • North Loop

About Hancock, Austin

Austin Fence – Repair & Replacement Services in Hancock, Austin, TX

Having a professional fence company perform your installation can be excellent to ensure you get the best-looking and most durable fence. With so many options, you’ll want to hire professionals that can help you avoid common mistakes. That is why Austin Fence – Repair & Replacement will help you get the best fence for your home or business. Here are some of the services we offer;

Fence Installation

When it comes to fence installation, quality is a must, and it takes an expert to ensure your design and installation are perfect. That is why it is highly recommended that you hire a fence contractor that focuses on fencing full-time. If you do not choose the right installers from the start, your fencing project may have problems.

Fence Repair

We are going to walk through the different fence materials and help you make an informed decision. Austin Fence Repair & Replacement Company has been in business for many years and specializes in residential and commercial fence repair.

Fence Replacement

Fence replacement is a project that most homeowners undertake at some point in their lives. After all, even the best fencing will eventually show the effects of age, weather, and vandalism. Our fence company guarantees the best service in the business while providing top-quality fence materials.

Fence Staining

There are many ways that fence staining can make your home’s exterior shine with elegance. Austin Fence Repair & Replacement Company is committed to ensuring that you’ll enjoy the process and the result.

How to go to Austin Fence – Repair & Replacement from Hancock, Austin, TX 78705:

Driving directions:

Austin Fence – Installation & Replacement
2005 Justin Lane Ste#101
Austin, TX 78757

Head north on Red River St toward E 38th 1/2 St

0.6 mi

Turn left onto E 45th St

Pass by Walgreens (on the right in 0.9 mi)

1.5 mi

Turn right onto Burnet Rd

Pass by Assistance League of Austin (on the right in 0.4 mi)

2.1 mi

Turn right onto Justin Ln

Pass by Bread Basket (on the right)

Destination will be on the right

0.2 mi


Head north on Red River St toward E 38th 1/2 St

0.6 mi

Turn right onto E 45th St

0.2 mi

Turn left onto Airport Blvd

1.1 mi

Use the left 2 lanes to turn slightly left to stay on Airport Blvd

Pass by Jack in the Box (on the right in 0.7 mi)

1.3 mi

Use the middle lane to turn left onto N Lamar Blvd

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Turn right onto Justin Ln

Destination will be on the left

1.0 mi

Head north on Red River St toward E 38th 1/2 St

0.6 mi

Turn left onto E 45th St

0.9 mi

Turn right after Walgreens (on the right)

0.4 mi

Merge onto N Lamar Blvd

Pass by Dave’s Ultimate Automotive (on the left)

0.7 mi

Turn left onto W Koenig Ln

0.5 mi

Turn right onto Woodrow Ave

0.7 mi

Turn left onto Justin Ln

Destination will be on the left

0.6 mi

About Hancock, Austin TX 78705

Hancock is a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. Located in North Central Austin, Hancock encompasses ZIP code 78751 and 78705. Hancock is located north of downtown Austin and the University of Texas.

  • West Lake Hills, TX
  • Lost Creek, TX
  • Daffan, TX
  • Sunset Valley, TX
  • Bee Cave, TX
  • Del Valle, TX
  • Cedar Valley, TX

Hancock is one of the more desirable places in town to live, particularly for those who work in or near downtown or the university campus, or those who simply want to be close to downtown.

Hancock residents have access to many amenities, including a large shopping plaza with a fitness center and 24-hour supermarket, theaters, museums, parks with tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool, and hiking trails, and many restaurants, shops, and nightlife options.

The neighborhood also borders I-35 to the east, which offers access to the rest of the city and other businesses and casual restaurants that line the highway. The neighborhood has many bus stops to provide access to other neighborhoods close by.

I-35 and 38th St. are two busy thoroughfares that run through or near the neighborhood and are noisy with significant traffic. The rest of the neighborhood, however, is quiet, residential, an area where people can bike and walk.

The houses consist of older, modestly-sized bungalows, many dating back to the early 1900s. There are also some apartment complexes and larger homes. Residents consist largely of families, people who work downtown, and groups of university students.

  • Hancock Golf Course
  • Hancock Recreation Center
  • Hancock Shopping Center
  • Shipe Park
  • Eastwoods Park
  • Elizabeth Ney Museum