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When you install a fence around your property, you want it to last for many years in good conditions. You want your fence to look good, keep you safe, and don’t demand frequent repairs. And a chain link fence ticks all these boxes!

But what should you look for in a chain link fence if you want it to function well on all these counts?

We have a list of things that you must check before you make a final decision-

Type of Steel Used

The type of steel used has a great impact on the strength of the fence. It determines whether the fence can bear any unwanted impact or damages.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementWire Coating

The process of creating a layer of zinc over steel is called wire coating. A steel fence is wire coated using two methods- Hot Dip Method, or Electro Galvanisation method. As the name suggests, the steel is dipped in molten iron in molten zinc in the Hot Dip Method. In Electro Galvanisation method, the zinc coating is created using electroplating.

When it comes to the strength of the steel, the Hot Dip method is a clear winner here. The zinc coat thickness is significantly higher hence the steel is more suited to be used as a chain link fence. Of course, you should never opt for steel with no zinc coating; the steel would rust pretty fast.


Do you like the silver color of a galvanized steel fence link, or do you want something colourful? You can go for a PVC coated fence if you want a different color. The PVC coating is an additional barrier against corrosion.

Dimensions of the fence

You must check the fence dimensions before you finalize the installation. The specifications that you must look out for are-

  • Mesh Size- Smaller mesh size is better for security.
  • Fence Size- A tall fence is desirable as you don’t want anyone jumping over.
  • Wire thickness- Thick wires have more strength.

Of course, different settings need different specifications. A basketball court needs less security, but a house needs more, so you have to choose accordingly.

Reputation of the brand

Always opt for a reputed brand when installing a chain link fence; compromising on the brand is akin to compromising on your security. We would suggest you to choose a US based manufacturer for high-quality chain link fence.

Terms and Conditions of Service Provider

You must select a good service for the installation of chain link fence. You don’t want a leaning fence or realise later that you purchased less material for the dimensions. Moreover, taking the fencing material to the worksite is another cumbersome task.

Chain links fence were initially used on commercial or public grounds, but they became a popular choice among homeowners too. A correctly installed chain link fence functions well for decades. Also, it’s better to leave the laborious task of installation in trusted hands. A good fence installation service will help you choose the right material, figure out the right dimensions, and ensure safe delivery and installation of the fence.

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