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Though the chain link fence was originally created to secure industrial properties, it gained wide acceptance for residential purposes due to its utility and low installation costs. If you have carefully selected your chain link fence material, it will serve you for many years. And with proper maintenance and care, you can add more years to its lifespan.

Let us walk you through some easy tips that will go a long way in keeping your fence in its best condition.

Check the Supporting Poles

The poles should be at a right angle to the ground. If they were not concreted to the surface, it’s possible for them to shift. You need to anchor them back to the right angle.

Check for Rust

The metal poles as well the chain link might get rusted. You can prevent this by applying sealant or rust protection at the time of fence installation. Also, you must reapply the rust protection every year as it is likely to wear off.

If your sealant has come off (or you had never applied one at all) and you do see a sign of rust, acting early could prevent major damage.

Avoid Growing Plants On the Fence

It’s not advisable to grow creepers or vines on a chain-link fence. The plants can distort the fence; they might burst through the links and break them. Keep the plants near the fence trimmed, and remove weeds at regular intervals.

Austin Fence - Repair & ReplacementDon’t climb over the fence

Climbing over the fence will bend the support posts and pull the chain links apart. Make sure your kids or pets don’t do that; remove any logs or cinder blocks from near the fence so that no one gets tempted to climb.

Repair Promptly

Fixing an issue in its early stage prevents greater damage to your fence. So don’t ignore those minor things if you want to save money on the repair. The connections that link chains to the fence wear out fast so keep an eye on them and quickly replace them when needed.

If the gates touch the ground when you open it or appear to sag, check for loose hinges or missing bolts. If you are not able to figure it out, take the help of fence repair professionals.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning your fence is easy, so make no excuses for skipping regular cleaning. You can hose off the light dirt and debris. You might find tough dirt clinging to the chain links, or bird poop lodged firmly. You can use soap water to remove them. Use a borax water solution in place of soap water if you want a biodegradable solution.

Molds may grow on your fence, and you can clean them with bleach. If you want an eco-friendly alternative, you may use white spirit vinegar.

Time and efforts spent on maintenance will pay you off in the long run. Don’t skip regular maintenance activities, and enjoy a greater value for money with your chain link fence.

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