Barton Creek, Texas: The Perfect Getaway

Barton Creek is one of the most beautiful Texas has to offer. Nestled in between Austin and San Antonio, Barton Creek, Texas offers a perfect getaway for anyone looking for some peace and quiet. We will share with you Barton Creek’s history, its attractions, what Barton Creek, Texas has to offer, and why Barton Creek, Texas is the perfect place to escape from it all! More can be found here.

Barton Creek is a creek that runs through Bartonville, Texas. Barton Creek was originally named after William Barton who founded Bartonville in 1838. Today Barton Creek, TX is home to some of the most scenic hiking and biking trails Austin has to offer! Click here to read about The History of Del Valle, Texas.

Barton Creek’s history dates back to 1850 when it became known as one of the only natural swimming hole sites on the Colorado River. For decades people would travel from all over to go down there for their summer swims before being replaced by Lake Travis in 1934 (a reservoir). It wasn’t until 1990 when Billy Barton bought land near Barton Springs and he restored wetlands along with creating recreational opportunities such as golfing, canoeing, horseback riding, and more which revitalized the springs.

Barton Creek, Texas offers many attractions for visitors to enjoy while they’re there. Visitors can experience nature through its parks or take a trip down one of the creeks! Some other things you could do are mountain biking on some of their trails as well as hiking around the park too! There are plenty more activities at Barton Creek, TX that would be awesome for people who love adventure but still want some peace and quiet too!